On 26 November members of the OSALL committee met stake-holders from law firms and publishers to discuss concerns about the ageing population of law librarians, and strategies to secure suitable information professionals for South Africa’s law firms in the future.

We discussed recruitment of graduates as well as the introduction of an apprenticeship system to support the development plans of a law firm. The meeting proposed the creation of a law librarian leanership programme to be registered with the appropriate SETA. In this way law firms can recover 50% of tuition costs on the learner completing a certified course.

In order to move quickly on this proposal we ask you, our members to respond by listing what you consider to be the core competencies your successor must possess, the skills you would like your assistant to have, or any other competencies you consider to be important in a training programme for aspirant law librarians. We encourage you to distinguish between elementary and advanced skills and competencies. If appropriate consult your library committee and / or human resources manager for their input on the skills profile.

Please ensure that your responses reach Fanus Olivier at folibrary@law.co.za by Friday 10 December 2010.

Alternatively, you can post a comment on the website by registering.